Re:Hope’s Bible Read Through (BRT) Groups are focussed around encouraging the church to read the entire Bible regularly. We do this together and these groups are at the core of the church’s community. BRT groups offer a great opportunity to get plugged into the church, forge friendships, share prayers, and immerse yourself in the Bible together.

What does being part of a BRT look like?

–   Every week you read a book or several books of the Bible.
–   Highlight / take notes of what stands out to you.
–   Meet up with your group at a set time every week.
–   During the BRT group meetings, share 3 things that stood out to you from the week’s reading.
–   Before you finish the meeting, pray for one another.


Note: BRT is not an academic exercise but a fun way to help people read their Bibles everyday and to enjoy how God can talk to everybody, of all abilities, through His Word.

If you're interested in joining a Bible Read Through group please email Joe or Rebecca Trottet.

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