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We want to be a blessing to the community of Royston. We want to demonstrate God’s love for people and for them to be transformed by God's love for them.


We hope to do this in the following ways:



Serving our Community 

Our vision for community engagement in Royston is that, as a collection of Christ-followers, motivated by compassion and a genuine desire to draw people into the Kingdom, through vulnerability and deep relationships centred on Christ, we would be unafraid and bold to be integrated into every corner of the neighbourhood and to bring Light and Life with every step we take, led by the Spirit.


We will not consider any person to be “unclean” or “unworthy” to hear the Gospel or encounter Christ through his Body. (Luke 7:36-50 – We would never say that we wouldn’t welcome someone because of the “kind of person” they are.)

Café Recovery - Coming Soon

Café Recovery is a place where you can get help with life controlling issues, such as addiction, anxiety and poverty. It would be somewhere where people could come along and enjoy food, friendship and worship. It's for people to meet people who have lived lives like theirs and have been transformed by the love of Jesus.


We want to be able to provide volunteers to support the local community in any way we can through our drop-in at our community centre in Royston Square. We've been offering a hot drink and a listening ear during this time. We have a wee food bank and assist with benefit and housing support as well as praying with those in need.

You may have also seen us around doing litter-picking in our yellow vests.


We hope to volunteer in the future with schools, helping with reading and counting, and also with a number of local organisations in Royston helping asylum seekers and those coping with poverty.

We are always looking for more volunteers so if you would like to help please email Jamie.